Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sucking Eggs

This is a very true story told by one of the participents. After I came home from Viet Nam and got out of the Army I was drinking quiet a bit and took a job as a bartender at the old Hill Top tavern at the intersection of highway 25 and 91 5 miles west of Bell City, Mo. This was back in 1971-72 time frame. One of my old school mates was also tending bar there. We were working for Pat Bollinger and she didn't care if we drank after we got off work just as long as we were not drinking on the job. My old school mate was a guy by the name of Milford Cooper. Now Milf ran the bar in the daytime and I got the night shift. Back then this was a very busy place for a honky tonk and it was always packed, worse on rainy days. Back then we had all our old drinking buddies come through the door. So I was off one night and Milf was off that day. We got pretty tanked up before the end of the day. About probably 7 or 8 o"clock some friends came in. There names were James and Wilma Watts. They hadn't been married to long. After a few rounds and a few tear jerkers on the juke-box, the conversation turned to how some people could down a raw egg real easy. Well one challenge turned to another and finally we sent across the street for a couple dozen eggs. This was when the old cafe was still open where everyone went after drinking thereselves into a stuper. Well we got the eggs and another round of beer and proceded to try our hand at sucking eggs. Watts tried a couple times and finally got part of one down and the same thing with Wilma. I had egg yellow and white all over me. Milford tried to get part of one down, he tried it straight out of the shell, he tried knocking a small hole in the top of the egg and sucking it out, he tried mixing it in his beer, he tried putting lots of salt and pepper on it and nothing he done would let him get part or any of the egg down. He finally got mad and stuck a whole egg in his mouth and when he chomped down on that dam egg the sum bitch exploded and blowed egg all over the ones close to us and all over the table, floor and anything within ten foot of him. We looked like a bunch of idiots when it was all over. I am sure we all woke up with a huge hangover the next day, but at the time we called ourselves having fun. We were close friends back then and to this day we are still very close. We are older now and have a little more sence, I THINK. Will write more on the old HIll Top bunch later. I have many more stories about those days.

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