Friday, December 31, 2010

Bell City Public School

My education started in 1950, first grade, Bell City School. Here I met some life long friends that I still stay in touch with. One of my fondest memories is a friend Virgil Hampton. When I started school we were aS poor as old "Jobs" turkey. Virgil and me became the best of friends. He got to go home for lunch as he only lived about two blocks from school. Not long after we started he asked me to go home with him for lunch. Well this sure beat and old brown bag lunch because we didn't have money to eat in the lunch room. His mother would always have a good hot lunch for the kids. Lunches I will never forget. This is also where I met the twins Tim and Jim Bollinger, now the teacher had to cut a little snip of hair from one of them so she could tell them apart. Here I also met Gary Warren, David Dalton, Donnie Wilkerson and Ivan Max Dunn. There were some old girls in our class to. I remember Stephen Peal, Lou Allice Marie Ellsworth, a girl named Winnie Ward and pleanty more.
I didn't do very well in school because I just didn't like it. I received most of my learning after graduating high school where I had a job that required me to correspond with HQ and here I honed my verbal and typing skills. Something that helped me in the military with the MI division.
I remember one spring day I was in the 7th grade. Now back then marbles were pretty poplar but we were't allowed to play "keeps" where the one that won the round got to keep the opponents marbles. Well we got into a game of "keeps" one day with Mr Croy a teacher. Needless to say we got caught. Larry Lancaster, another I can't recall and myself got to go visit Mrs Thompson who very quickly bent us over a desk and applied the old paddle. I don't know what happened to Mr Croy but we never played "keeps" again.
Well I finally made it through the eighth grade and finally to high school. Here is where the fun began.
Here I became running buddies with Carl Neldon, Harold Nichols and Donnie Wilkerson. We were always getting into something. Donnie had an old 1950 Studebaker car that you couldn't keep brakes on Carl had an old 50 model Plymouth that had a rod Knocking, Harold got to drive his parents car and I had an old pair of worn out brogan shoes. But we sure had some times with what we had.
In high school I met and became pals with guys like Milford Cooper, Harold Hunt, Gary Strobel, and the one and only Bob Nesler who deceided to end his education by lighting up in study hall, caused quiet a commotion.
We had an older teacher by the name of Mr Burge that was small in stature and not very strong. He taught science. So naturally Milf, Harold and Gary was always giving him hell. There was an old 50lb weight in the sceince room so Milf or Harold would pick it up and place it on Mr Burges roll call book so he couldn"t call the roll, or would lock him in the storage room where about the end of class they would let him out and explain to him that the lock got stuck which he bought for a long time until the principal caught them and stopped the little prank. Milford came down with a terrible allergy one day and started sneezing, we lost count around 50 sneezes which were mostly manufactured, so Mr Burge would tell Milf to get him a drink to stop the sneezing and Milf would go get him a drink where he would stay and stay and stay finally returning to class. He would sit down and Mr Burge thinking the sneezing was over with would start the lesson, he would say a couple words and Milf would sneeze. This went on for an hour until the bell rang. The science room had some gas valves for expirments and if you turned the gas on and let it out for a few seconds and then fired it up it would cause a big explosion. This was Harold and Gary's favorite thing to do which caused "I think I remember right" Harold to get expelled from school.
I was also in the senior play and had the part of a sheriff in which I had to chase a guy off stage. Well the day of the play we were at the gym and Carl Neldon was lifting weights and one of them fell off the weight bar and right on my big toe. I had to go to the doctor and have a cast put on my foot but still got to chase the guy off stage which was funny to the audience. Also one day while planning the play we needed a laundry basket for a prop so 6 of us went into the principles office and got permission to leave and look for a basket which we never found but the water was sure nice at the lake where we spent the day. We were all loaded up in Joyce Kirby's car. Nice Day THIS WILL BE THE FIRST OF OTHER STORIES ABOUT BCHS

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